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The Midia International Terminal has an annual operating capacity of more than 300 ships through four operational dues. The total length of the berths is 340 ml and the projected draft is 9 meters and the operational draft is over 8.5 meters, and simultaneous loading/unloading operations of 4 vessels are possible.

Our storage area: a total area of 177,626.90 m2, of which 54,890 m2 of concrete platforms and 70,152 m2 of cobbled platforms, of which 50,000 m2 have been converted into an “A“ customs warehouse.

Regarding the specific loading/unloading equipment, we have:

Two Gottwald HMK 360 E (120t) mobile cranes and Gottwald HMK 170E (63t)
Two Terex 1804 LCL electric cranes
Five JCB 535 front loading unloading machines
Two tractors and transport trailers
We own the necessary logistics, modern multi-purpose buildings and multi-modal connections, including two industrial railway lines of 2.176 m.