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We specialize in handling and storing oversized products, containers, general cargo, fertilizer, general cargo.

The biggest challenge, which has also become the performance, was to simultaneously carry out the two-ship disembarkation of 40 heavy machinery components and, at the same time, to load 30 parts for wind power plants, warehouses, trucks into the only turn of the day.

We enumerate some of our customers: General Electric-USA, Gamesa-Spain, Siemens-Germany, Enercon-Germany, Repower-Germany, Navodari Petrochemical Producer-Romania, Ava / Exxon, Senvion-Germany.

We have long-term contract partners: Newpark Fluids Drilling Eastern Europe uses a drilling fluid station located within the Midia International terminal on a 0.24-acre platform; and Yildiz Entegre Turkey is to build an adhesive factory, which will be located on a 3-hectare platform.

Customs declarant; anticipating the needs of our customers, we have made a 50,000 m2 warehouse. Since October 2011 we have become a certified customs declarant to facilitate the faster release of goods with the highest efficiency, our employees being able to recommend the best customs solutions for goods transited through the port terminal.

The port’s longest activity consists of providing services to livestock exporters, especially sheep and cattle.

These services are:

– unloading animals from cars and/ or rail transport

– feeding and adaptation of animals

– preparing animals for boarding in specialized ships

– preparing ships for boarding the animals

– the supply and straightening straw bales as well as the feed on board of vessels

– disinfection and sanitary veterinary control for the transport by sea